Join us Wednesdays through March 14th for README Lab Hours

For the winter quarter through March 14th, members of README will be posted up in the IS Lounge* on Wednesday afternoons from 5–6pm for README Lab Hours.

(* On January 24th, instead of the IS Lounge we will meet in GSEIS 245 with Stop LAPD Spying; and on February 21st, we will host a meet-up at Mercado la Paloma)

README Lab Hours are an unstructured time so you are welcome to come and go as you wish. Bring a link to a recent article about net neutrality, chat about the news while having your dinner before class, or update your social media privacy settings with the help of a README member.

If you care about (or even are mildly curious about) privacy, security, access, and intellectual freedom in LIS including…

net neutrality • patron privacy • freedom to read • resisting corporate & state surveillance • cybersecurity & crypto tools • equitable access to technology and broadband • threat modeling • open source movement • government transparency

…drop in and chat with us!